About US

 Network Systems Solutions®  is a leader manufacturer of high quality networking cabling structure products; a company that provides uncompromising product quality and performance, internationally recognized as a leader manufacturing offering a complete line of Fiber Optic Solutions, Copper Cabling Structures, Server Cabinets, and all connectivity product solutions for commercial, industrial, military and medical sectors.
We provide products that are essential to design and build your IT infrastructure. Our products are modeled to exceed the most stringent ANSI, UL, ETL and CSA requirements. In addition, all of our premise and fiber optic cables comply with TIA/EIA telecommunications cabling standards.  With so much depending on the speed and bandwidth of a business’ network, you must demand the best. Whether it’s a data center expansion or a complete infrastructure overhaul, the quality of the cable used will determine how much data is transmitted quickly and dependably.
We are a business dedicated to offer you a superior customer service, applying educated business principles to keep our business as well as our client’s companies. With understanding the needs of each one of our customers,  Network Systems Solutions® is entirely committed to meeting individual customer needs and anticipating new technology.
All of  Network Systems Solutions®  products are covered with a limited lifetime warranty; other brands products purchased through NETSYS GROUP USA LLC (Distributor) are covered according to the original manufacture warranty policy.
We are Your One Stop Shop Solution For All Your  Networking IT, Voice, Data, and Video Needs. Phone & Intercom Systems; Security & Surveillance; Computer Cables, Home Theaters, Conference Rooms. Structured Cabling for a Building or a complete City.
Our sales staff is dedicated to exceed your expectations, please contact us any time by e-mail or call us during business hours.
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